News by ‘Gordon’

Today God will do His Pleasure

Six days you shall labor and on the seventh day you shall rest. God said, and it was, and He saw that it was good. A day with the Lord is a thousand years, we are now in the seventh day, it is now the...

Eyes of seers will be Unstopped

On that Day, which is today. Isaiah 32:3 Isaiah 35:5 Isaiah 29:18 What stops eyes from seeing, believing a lie or a delusion. The Truth is stronger than the lie but if the Truth is not revealed the lie remains. Who are seers ? ”every...

You Never Knew Me

He says this to those that have had quite an impressive ministry and did it all in His name not someone else’s name. You can prophecy, you can deliver people from darkness and do all kinds of miracles, and still he can say, ‘I never...

Walk with God

I am not interested is starting a new religion, I am not interested in joining one.  To walk with God is the aim and to show that God is willing for the same. There is a rest for us high above the earth that the...

A Strong Delusion

Exposing the Strong Delusion held by those who shouldn’t or ort not I consider this an important read click here or go to the read more and then click here and A Strong Delusion 2    

A New World order of the God kind.

A New World order of the God kind. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This maybe something that you haven’t been told, but “Our God Reigns” There will be readjusting, God will turn things around to the order that He...

Turn a light

Turn a light on and it will lighten the whole house. And cover the whole earth.

Training the Mouth

If you want the promises of God to be a constant reality in your life your mouth needs to agree with God’s thoughts. He is there ready to perform his word, He is waiting for one to speak it. Faith is calling things that be...

Comfort on the Mountain

On this mountain the cup of staggering and reeling is removed Isaiah 51-22. They shall not faint and they shall not be weary. The thorn is no more.

The Kingdom of God is not a democracy

They say lets have a vote to see if God is right. Do you not know that the Kingdom of God stands on the toes of democracy and it comes crumbling down.