News by ‘Gordon’

I’m on a Mission from God

My mission is to shoot arrows where the stone hit the feet of the image or statue In Daniel 2:35 . Those that hear this word shall run and be mighty in the earth.

What Shepherd Does God Want.

He wants a shepherd that doesn’t strike the sheep, He wants a shepherd that doesn’t fleece the sheep, He want’s a shepherd that feeds the sheep. Sheep that are new are mighty in the kingdom. A sheep that is fed from heaven becomes new.

God’s Covenant with us

When we share the things that God has revealed to us, God gives us a confirmation in our own heart whereby He is establishing His word in us as well as to those that hear. The Father wants us to share His word this is...

The Father Watched for His Lost Son

When he saw him coming he ran to him, put a ring on him and the and the best robe and shoes for his feet and then they had a great feast. But where was the other son? Why was he not also watching for...

These are bible Times

Declaring the end from the beginning Isaiah 46:10 He has shown us His ways so we can know His thoughts. Those that get with His program are going to have fun.

True Covering

Relying on man for covering is not the true covering, rather relying, leaning and trusting in God is the true covering. There is a cloud and a fire, when they move you need to go with it.  Isaiah 4:5 Isaiah 10:20 The Holy Spirit will...

God with us

While the doomsayers, naysayers and rapture watchers are doing whatever they are doing, we expect the fulfillment of Isaiah 54:3 For you will burst out to the right and to the left, your race will dispossess the nations.

The Last Day

The Sabbath is the last day of the week, God said to Moses it would be a sign to all. Six day you shall labor, the seventh day you shall rest. We are looking at the big picture here. God has made a timetable or...

What is Elijah

Elijah means Yahweh is God, the Spirit of Elijah is the Holy Spirit, Jesus said He has come, and will come, and will restore all things. The power released in the Spirit of Elijah is the power that restores all things. This power is now.

The Glory of God makes All the difference

The knowledge of the Glory of God shall cover the earth as the water covers the sea. Many teach and preach that the evil one is going to have a new world order. But here is the thing God Reigns, His Kingdom shall rule in...