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Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Spirit says

‘Day Break is upon us’  

Trust is a Key

‘We are given the keys of the kingdom, Trust is a key. Trust in me says the Lord, as you find trust in me I will lift you up out of the dark place where you cannot see, to a high place, to a sure...

To who so ever

God told Jonah there was going to be a great destruction judgement day had arrived on a certain city. And it turned out God displayed a great mercy. And this made Jonah mad, he was very mad that God didn’t destroy them. So what with...

What is the real rapture ?

Jesus used the word harpazo in Matthew 11:12 which is the Greek word failed christianity use for rapture. The way Jesus explains it is not leaving the planet but rather a pressing into to lay hold of to sieze it. He used it to describe...