Eternal Rest

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God said in the beginning ”light be” or “let there be light”, and light was. He didn’t say light do. Light does because of what it is.

A revival that starts in eternity has eternal fruit.

True rival is an eternal awakening.

True revival is the eyes and the ears being opened to truth.

Rest is ceasing from your own works.

Rest is relying on God.

Rest is yielding your heart to God.

Rest allows God to show himself as God.

Rest allows God to make His home in you.

Rest is knowing there are more for you than there are against you.

Rest is knowing that your victory is assured.

Rest is having all of heavens resources at your disposal.

Rest is knowing that God does not have any accusation toward you.

Rest is knowing that God will do for you what He has promised.

Rest is knowing that His word is faithful and true.

The fruit of rest is heaven.

Rest is Peace.


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