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Rapture Flaws

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The word rapture gets twisted some how out of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 . If you really look at the rapture doctrine it has some serious flaws. One thing, it has to deny the cross of Christ because when Jesus was on the cross the judgment of the world upon him. The rapture doctrine says God is going to forsake the earth and therefore break His covenant of peace that He declared after the flood, rainbows are still showing themselves, they are the sign of that covenant. It also implies that God can’t do what He said he would do, such as Isaiah 45:23. It makes those that preach it have a message of condemnation and judgment, Jesus said judge not that you be not judged. Those that preach it and believe it have a sensual understanding of the kingdom of God. And it blinds eyes to seeing the truth because it has become an idol or a lie that has become a false frame of reference. Truth is a conversation with the Father, and this conversation is about His kingdom coming not going. Taking 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and putting with it other scripture there is a lot about coming up higher and come up here and He will raise up the Highways, it is about walking with God in this conversation of truth that speaks of heavenly things and causes us to walk in heavenly things. When truth get revealed in our hearts it brings us into agreement with God and that is when we see the fruit of heaven. Revelation 14:6 There is a message of the eternal gospel being proclaimed to every one, when delivered in truth it is impossible for it not to reach every heart, for eternity is in the heart of all Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Here is a link to more on this subject that I’ve written.

True doctrine brings more revelation while doctrines of men stop revelation. Many think that intellectually understanding the word of God is knowing the truth. Truth only comes when God reveals it and when there is revealing from Him there is power and life and the kingdom come.

The rapture doctrine as the many believe, it is not a vision. You could call it a blind faith vision, anyhow blind faith is not faith. It is written the people perish for lack of a vision, without a vision the people are the tail and not the head. God’s purpose and promise is that you be the head and not the tail. And God expects to keep His promise. The promise is for salvation to the ends of the earth. A vision that doesn’t expect a global turnaround is falling short of the glory of God.


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