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Awaken to the word of God

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The revival is to see and hear. The awakening if you see it, is what is called the ‘rapture’. Not us going to heaven, but heaven coming to earth, that is ‘thy will’. Heaven is God’s Throne, let us come boldly to the Throne and bring heaven with us that where we are He is. True light penetrates darkness, false light does not. Seek the true light and even if you are despised when you speak, the light will penetrate. It says arise shine for your light is come. If you are seeing light it is time to share.
If your looking for the fulfillment of prophecy, look at this, Christ in you the hope of glory, be a history changer. It says at the end of the book the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.
To Behold which means to look and see. Jesus said “Behold I make all things New’. This new is in activation now.
Fulfillment of prophecy is Christ glorified in you. The breath of His word will fulfill His word.

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