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The Long and the short

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If a thousand years are like a day to God, long is very long. Short maybe a hour of one of those days. Or of the like.

When God says you will live long, to Him long is very long. If death is defeated should not we have a mindset of the such? When God says long, whose eyes be He looking through, His eyes or mans eyes? You can answer that question.

The New that God is doing is the end of days, it is the end of counting of days. Eternal life is a perspective of thinking through God eyes and seeing what He see. He says ‘Behold I make all things New’ Look and see.

For those that are not yet beholding the new, the time is still short.

It is the word of God that changes everything.

God has promised eternal life to all who receive Jesus.

Jesus is risen! Where is His power? Lord reveal it, reveal yourself. Come forth in Power and Glory to your children. Thank you Amen.

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