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Tribulation Birth Pains

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It has mention in the book of Revelations of tribulation, and great tribulation. Here is a point that you should esteem, God does not do tribulation. But tribulation exists, just like birth pains exist. When God’s judgments are in the earth the people learn righteousness. When God’s judgments are in the earth tribulation also manifests. God’s judgment is for you, to free you from the hold of the sinful man or nature and to free from the thinking of man. When God’s word comes to do this work, there can be a feeling of tribulation. The beast and the false prophet in revelations are equated with the sinful man and the thinking of man. It is a time of separation of flesh and spirit. At God’s word the place for the sinful man and the thinking of man is the lake of fire, so your attachment to these will cause screaming, though this is not to be feared if your trust is in the blood of Jesus.
This false prophet is the spokesman for the sinful man, when God comes to the house (which is you) the way to silence these two is to get the word of God to be the be ruler in your mind and spend much time in Gods presence. (The angel of His presence saved them).
It is a time to do away with doctrines of speculation and to enter the fight of your life for the manifestation of the promises of God in your life.
You can let the beast and the false prophet take you to their destiny or you can yield to God and let Him take you to your real destiny that is not a lie.
God’s promises are for you to enter, Peter said that judgment first comes to the household of God, it is to bring each one into their personal promise land, and then it extends to all.
A judgmental spirit will be a hindrance to many and as the furnace in the earth comes to increase it will scream loud, it is a time to subdue it, because mercy will come to those that are merciful.

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