Pools of water for deserts

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With the message of the¬†Kingdom of God comes the command to repent. Repentance has primarily to do with thinking, it is first a change of mind. The fruits of the Kingdom of God come to those that believe the message of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom is that the promises of God are for NOW. God is doing a new thing in the earth, the whole earth, that is the whole of each one. Without this repentance, without this mind change, without this change of thinking, you will be left in a place that is dry. In the dry place things don’t grow, in this dry place things don’t work. For those that repent God has promised to pour water on the thirsty ground. Righteousness is being exalted. Righteousness is simply believing God, it is lining up our thoughts with Gods thoughts. When our thoughts line up with God’s thoughts there is power and success and fruit that is good.


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