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When God speaks

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Matthew 13:15 Tells us that healing comes by hearing and seeing. Healing has to do with everything that the cross has afforded to us. Churches and people make up doctrines of what can’t be afforded to us, because they are not hearing and seeing.

One can be an expert in the logos, but knowing the logos is not knowing the truth. Saying to someone I am telling you the truth is really a lie, because here is why, only God speaks truth. You can say something that will help someone hear the truth, but truth is something that is revealed in the heart.

Here in is the problem hearing God is not encouraged, in most circles. Even where prophecy operates, truth can be stifled.

We are called to abide, abiding is fellowship. Where there is fellowship with God, God is. Where God is there is change. Where God is there is limitless change.

When God speaks, what He says comes into being, though unbelief and no faith will have to be dealt with before you see the fruits.

How does faith come, it comes by hearing God speak, it comes by hearing truth. Jesus said the truth will set you free, that is free to live in God’s realm. Using faith is what gets you into this realm and faith keeps you there and God helps you to keep there. That is where God is and that is where power is.

A true disciple is a student of this abiding, God brings increase to this one.

Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Righteousness has mostly to do with right thinking, you’ll find that if you study it.

I suppose one that follows Jesus in this way doesn’t follow the world.


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