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Opinion or Truth

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Are you prone to have an opinion, did you know it is the tempter that temps you to form an opinion. This has got to be the devils easiest work. A work that no doubt he would be very proud of.

Having an opinion doesn’t mean you are outspoken, being outspoken is more of a personality trait or a talent, anyone can have an opinion. Now in the world an opinion is like a trophy and people love people that have strong opinions.

In the Kingdom of God there is only one opinion that counts and this is God’s opinion, not what you think God’s opinion is, but what is truth. What God speaks is truth, where there is truth there is the fruit of the Kingdom.

God wants His truth to rule your heart and mind, having an opinion that does not come from God, will be as grass and as the flower of the field, though the grass might be green for a time and the flower has beauty, when the sun shines on it the grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of the Lord endures forever.

note: I wrote that God has an opinion, actually He does not have an opinion because He knows what the Truth is, an opinion is really only a speculation of what the truth is. The promise to a disciple is that you will know the truth, a true disciple doesn’t operate in the realm of opinion, they operate in the realm of Truth, A true disciple walks in Truth as God walks in Truth. Those ruled by opinion find someone ruled by truth offensive, until they start hearing God themselves.

Arguing and debating come from those that are opinionated, one that is of the Truth doesn’t go there, it is a mistake to go there, and it is not needful.


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