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The Eighth Day Circumcision

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God considers the number 8 significant. He made a covenant with Abraham, that on the 8th day is when circumcision is to be done, it was the sign of the covenant. Enoch spoke of the 8th day, the 8th day is where God dwells, the 8th day represents eternity. The end of counting of days, it is the place all God’s promises find their fulfillment. For those that have received Christ have this entitlement to walk in the eighth day as a now experience. The eighth day circumcision of the heart and mind is a sign of those walking with God. Jesus said that eternal life was the commandment of God. 6 days you shall labor the 7th is for rest, You can only rest as God intended when you understand the 8th day, it is beyond time.
One that is resting in the 8th day has Almighty God with them, watch and see that Almighty God does not reveal Himself when one is walking in the eighth day, and the earth is changed.
God’s promise to Abraham was that through him all the families of the earth be blessed.
It is also to those that walk in the command of eternal life. It is NOW.


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