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Many End Time doctrines are based on Opinion of God Word

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I’ve written this to help the real Christ in you to stand up and see, and to help in dividing the precious from the vile,

We are coming into a new day, and it is light that brings us into this new day.

Now getting on to man made end time doctrines.

These types of doctrines are doctrines of speculation, they are reliant on man telling you what it means. They have nothing to do with truth, truth is what God says to you in your heart. God confirms what He says and it forms a conversation with God that is food for your spirit. All these end time doctrines of speculation are not bread from heaven.

This is the will of God, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. If you want an end time doctrine that God is involved with go with what God’s will is. The devil finds it so easy to tempt people to have an opinion, opinion is not truth, people place there belief system on opinion, having an opinion on what the word of God says is not faith, opinion will not give you faith, it is a false faith. Only hearing truth will give you faith, hearing truth will start in you a seeing of God’s vision for the earth. In the beginning God said, and the outcome was good. in the end the outcome is also good. And if you still see rainbows around it means God has not forsaken His covenant of peace with the earth and every living creature.

If your end time doctrine is not about thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, there is a lie in your belief system and a falseness in your doctrine. It will taint all. The thinking of man is standing in the holy place, don’t look for another temple, if you have Christ in you, are that temple. Remember what Jesus said to Peter, ‘get behind me satan, you are a hindrance to me, you do not mind the things of God but the things of man’.

The reason all people are not being drawn to Him is because His representatives think with the mind of men they are still on the earth, we need to be lifted up from the earth and think God’s thoughts, people just won’t be drawn to lies and the false, but they will be drawn to light.

Don’t react to what I’ve just written, rather get quiet and start listening, just in what I’ve written here is enough to trigger you to start hearing. The mind of man wants to argue as the world does, but God says, ‘be still and know’.


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