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Copyright or God’s Justice System

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The blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are a justice system, they are God’s justice system. This house relies on God’s justice system. This house cannot rely on the worlds justice system.
There is a world justice system and there is God’s justice system. Copyright is a world justice system. Copyright is a part of what Jesus called mammon. Jesus said you cannot serve both God and mammon.
If you rely on the worlds justice system, don’t expect God’s justice system to work for you.
Copyright is all about my rights, it is definitely not about freely you have received freely give, it is about taking before you give. God’s way is, in blessing you will be blessed.
The worlds justice system has limitations, God’s justice system has no limitations.
God’s highest blessing is available to you, but if you have given yourself to the worlds way of doing things how is it possible to attain the highest blessing.
Putting copyright on the gifts that God gives you, is actually putting a price on what was not yours in the first place and it is teaching others to follow the world.
Copyright is making money your God or rather taking a place that God should have.
Copyright is showing allegiance to the kingdom of Babylon, or maybe an ignorance of God’s ways. Maybe ignorance is not as bad as blatant disloyalty to God, but it has the same result.
Copyright is not a Kingdom of God activity, relying on God to operate the blessing of Abraham in and around your life is a Kingdom activity. Only Kingdom activities bring Kingdom fruit. 


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