Discern what you hear

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If a prophet is offended their words become words of the flesh, if they repent increase comes. Their offence may not be noticeable to them as it could beĀ disguised in a self righteous tone or an incorrect doctrine they hold onto. The words of the flesh will hinder the hearer until the hearer gets in touch with their own spirit again, There is a place for prophets, the people of God need prophets, in this day there are many that call themselves prophets, but only a prophet that speaks from the spirit will produce kingdom fruit. It is also a responsibility for the hearer to discern words of the flesh. Here is an identifier of the words of the flesh, they will deny you access to the throne room, they will cut you off, when the Father has not cut you off. God always says come, when you come you find rest.

Words of the flesh will come in what appears sheep’s clothing.

If a you identify a prophet that is speaking words of the flesh, don’t reject them, pray for them, just don’t listen to them until the increase comes to them, when the increase comes, you will want to be hearing what they are saying.

There are also those that presume to speak God’s word on God’s behalf, if God’s throne is not opening to you through their words, you only do yourself harm listening to them.

It is a time to be non judgemental, it is a time for God’s justice to work and be established in the earth.

God’s preferred way of speaking to you is in quietness and stillness of spirit. There is your spirit is a quiet place, seek it out. When you find it God will speak.

The noise of you mind you need to put down.


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