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The Increase of His Government

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He brings an increase to His Government, there have been several administrations throughout the ages. I’ll mention here the major ones, It began with the administration of Adam, then Noah, Abraham, Moses and Aaron, David, and then the time of the Gentiles which we could call the administration of Paul. You might think I missed one (Jesus) but no, we can include Jesus in the administration of the Son of Man, the Son of Man has had His administration throughout the ages, He has been turning up since the beginning, each time He turned up there has been an increase to His Government. He turned up in different ways, if we look through scripture¬†most generations had some sort of visitation from Him. I say a most significant one was Him coming in the flesh and living amongst us as a man, it was still the administration of the son of man.

We have the promise of a continuing of the Increase of His Government.

The time of the Gentiles is on a collision course with the son of man coming sitting on the throne of His Glory. Many look for the visual appearing of Jesus while others look for a transportaion to heaven. But what should we be really looking for? He said it many times, He said He would come in His Glory, His Glory is the greatness of His presence, His says He will come in Great Glory, in the Glory of the Father. In the Glory of God we find all of Heaven’s doors all of Heaven’s riches, All of Heaven.

If you think that God won’t send a preacher to bring this good news, go back to scripture and look, preachers bring good news. the eternal gospel in Revelation is a message, it is eternal life, eternal life is a reality of the Kingdom of God¬†now as it is in Heaven.

The increase of His Goverment is now for those that believe the gospel, if you want it, it is time to use your faith.


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