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Come up Here

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When in scripture we see the call to come up here or come up higher, it is the call to leave earthly thinking behind, to stop thinking like mere man and come into a deeper fellowship with God. In Revelation 14:6  there is an Angel or messenger, he is up from the earth preaching to every person the eternal gospel. The eternal gospel is what brings you up, it doesn’t take you away. God gives us pictures from the natural to show us the spiritual. Our spirit has been locked in a prison and our eyes have been blinded. There is a circumcision of the heart that needs to occur. It is called the 8th day circumcision. Enoch had the revelation of the eight day, it is eternal life. Jesus said the commandment of God is eternal life. It is the understanding that eternal life is now. Eternal life is understanding that the promises of God are now. We still have the process of sowing and reaping, that is sowing the word in our lives and reaping the harvest of His word, but there is no more waiting, eternal life is now.
See if your waiting on the rapture you will keep on waiting and waiting. If you have Christ in you the Glory of God is in you, you need to know how God saw you before the world existed, we existed inside of God before the world was formed, eternal life extends before time as well as outside of time. Our spirit dwells in eternal life, it just needs the truth to set it free. Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness this is what it is all about. The more you know about eternal life the younger you will know that you are, the younger you become the more you will receive. When we know eternal life, time stops being an issue because we are now in His time and He has time. God may work slower than you want but a walk with God develops.

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