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The Frontline

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In the days of Elijah he had the prophets of Baal, that were leading the people of God astray, in our day we have a similar situation, we have the prophets of the rapture. The rapture teaching does not come from God, I’ve written much on this subject and I try not to repeat myself my writings are found within my web sites. But I consider this a serious subject mainly because God’s people are being robbed of the true bread from heaven, if you look through the eyes of the rapture you won’t see what God is saying. The rapture is a religion in itself, it is a cult. The rapture is a frontline in the war against the kingdom of darkness. If satan has the people of God believing a lie he knows they will have no power. Satan thinks he holds this ground securely but he has something coming and that is the Kingdom of God. God wants His people freed. What it comes down to, Gods people need to be taught, or not so much taught rather fed the true manner from heaven.

It seems everyone is an end time expert but no one has any food to offer. No one thinks the church needs a shake up because they will be raptured.

The plan of God is for yours and my salvation here on earth, and then God will draw all to Himself. Anything less is defeat.

I’ll add this which I wrote here, written a few days later.

When God sends His word out it does not return to Him without accomplishing that which He sent it out for. Jesus said many will come claiming that He is the Christ and will deceive many. We are seeing this now with the rapture doctrine. Many preach it and many more are deceived by it, it is a bad fruit doctrine, it does not produce the fruit of the kingdom. When you forsake this false doctrine the rest of the word of God will open up to you, if you are a kingdom seeker.
God said
By myself I have sworn; from my mouth has gone out in righteousness a word that shall not return: ‘To me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear allegiance.’ Isaiah 45:23
I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Genesis 9:13
God desires mercy not sacrifice, the rapture is a merciless doctrine, it is a faithless doctrine, it is a judgmental doctrine.
Jesus said that God desires mercy not sacrifice, the snatching away as most interpret it is sacrifice. The parable of the wedding banquet shows us that those that think they were first, come in last after suffering grief, it is because they choose to believe lies and exalt their lie above the mercy of God. Matthew 12:8 Jesus said the sons of the Kingdom will be cast outside, why? It is because they don’t listen to His voice and rely on fables. Even mixing fables with the truth will lead you on a crooked path. Gods people that choose to believe in the rapture rather than to accept the invitation to the feast of the word of God being made flesh, will have to find that they need to go into darkness before they see light. You will learn that the thinking of man does not please God.

For those that are unrepentant of this, have this problem, when the pretrib rapture doesn’t happen those of the midtrib will speak up saying they are right and when the midtrib doesn’t happen the posttribers will be saying I told you so. It will come back to what tribulation is for, it is for birth pains of coming into the Kingdom. Judgment has been satisfied at the cross, that is where the judgment of the world occurred. Sure people that oppose what God is doing will be either saved or removed, but His work will be accomplished.

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