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The Wedding Banquet

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The invitation has gone out, Matthew 22 Jesus said those that were invited chose not to come, you would have to think how could this be? At the end of the parable He says those that were called were the ones not there. I don’t know if you consider yourself called, but if you do this is a warning for those called. On the other hand if you consider yourself called, you probably consider yourself chosen, because the chosen where there. This is a dilemma. What would stop those invited from willingly go to the banquet?

We know from the time Jesus had His earthly ministry that those who rejected Him, rejected Him because they believed a lie, that is all you have to do, is believe a lie. So what kind of lie would you think could possibly deceive one that is called to the banquet to think the invitation wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. If you believe a lie, you are going to think that the real thing is false.

I am not at war with Christians I am at war with lies, the lies are the target, for when they are exposed the Christian can walk free. Do you think the devil is going to give up his domain without a fight? Do you think he hasn’t implemented a strategy? The devil is very good at what he does, he was very good in Eden, and he has had lots of practise. If he can sell a lie to Christians, and they believe it, and they spread it around like it is the word of God, don’t you think he would try. You might say but he can’t do that. Then why do you think Jesus said, those that were invited chose not to come? Maybe there is an assumption that it is going to be in other place eating food, when it is here and now eating bread from heaven the word of God. The Word of God can make heaven to be on earth. While the devil has you thinking your going, God plans for you to stay and take all the spoils that the devil has stolen. The word repent means to change your mind, and the command of God is repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

The invitation has gone out and the fruit of the Kingdom will manifest, will you eat?


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