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What is this Revival?

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What is revival? What is this revival? Revival is God come, a revival is God visiting His people. Now what is the difference between this revival and revivals of the past? This revival is a dispensational change. Past revivals have come and brought enlightening in one area at a time, this revival brings enlightening from the east to the west, while past revivals have died off, this revival ends with the tabernacle of God is with men, this revivals author is the one who calls Himself the beginning and the end. The end is there is no end. Cooperation with God is necessary, God comes along side to help. Restoration of all things comes with this revival. It is a restoration to live in His presence. It is a separation of wheat and weeds of wheat and chaff, which is a separation of lies and truth to the point that truth will be what remains standing when all else has fallen and has been burnt in the fire. When truth has rulership in one that is Christ’s no manner of stumbling remains.

As for the dispensational change, throughout the bible generations and times the son of man has been active, each time the son of man turned up there was an increase to His government. The previous dispensation had the title, ‘the time of the gentiles’, it was the administration of Paul. The increase of His government of this revival is called the Kingdom Age. The promise is that the son of man would come in the glory of the Father, in Great Glory, it is the Glory that exist before the world existed. The Kingdom does not come via the physical senses it comes through belief in the heart. It comes through hearing the truth and rejecting the lies. Exalting lies will bring one into darkness, receiving the truth will bring one into light. This will be processed by the refiners fire. It will be the time that Jesus said many that are first will be last and the last first. Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness is where each one needs to get themselves for a smoother ride, it is a time that God is drawing all to himself. He is drawing and drawing and drawing of all both far and near.

Jesus said be careful that no man deceive you, what Jesus taught about the coming of the son of man has been replaced with the rapture theory, the rapture theory is now taught as a command Matthew 15:9, Jesus taught much on the coming of the son of man, but you have to reject His teaching when you bow down to the rapture doctrine, God has given those that believe the lie over to lying spirits, fables have infiltrated the church. It is a low place to be, when you cannot tell the difference between fables and truth. The coming of the son of man is at hand, at your hand if you reach out and take it. The son of man is looking for faith, faith that is fueled by truth. Those that have given themselves to the rapture, do not and cannot preach the regeneration, because they don’t have the word of God, they have a zap theory.
The coming of the son of man is the time when He comes to sit on the throne of His glory, the throne is in the heart of those that yield to Him and have faith. The believer is the temple that He chooses to rule from. We have entered the Kingdom age, our minds need to be renewed accordingly and a work of purification is under completion.
As in Isaiah 44:25 God frustrates the signs of liars, so it is up to you to decide whether you yield to fables or to seek out the truth, and yield your heart to truth, yielding to truth is where you will see the Kingdom fruit.

In Matthew 11:12 Jesus used the word harpazó to describe the ministry of John the Baptist and Himself. It does mystify me that I have never heard one person regard what Jesus said about what what harpazó means. Jesus said it was working through the ministry of John the Baptist. I think people don’t mention what Jesus said because it doesn’t fit in what they want to believe. harpazó is the greek word that has been turned into rapture, but you have to make some twists and turns to make it come out as rapture. I have found that the rapture is the foundation of most peoples faith, it is their hope. I don’t deny harpazó, but gee, the coming shaking will have as it target false foundations. We are called to diligently seek God, believing in the rapture doesn’t require diligence, it actually doesn’t require faith. But it is a rule taught by men.

There is a culture developed in Christianity of finding one scripture to prove another scripture or to prove what they want believe to be correct, but the real proof of wisdom is the power of God, and not so much signs and wonders but the power that exists in God to brings all things to subjection to Himself. I am confident that God will keep those that are His, Jeremiah 32:40 is a promise we can rely on, God will woo us to His fullness and there is no one He will fail. He is establishing His justice in the earth, which will be more than enough to keep us, simply put His justice, stepping out of His light is a step into darkness. Darkness is a place where one is tempted to give up, but calling on the Lord in that time will bring His fullers soap into action and make one clean again.



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