The war that ends all wars

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War is coming, and it looks like it is already hear, but what war? This is what I know, there is only one war that will end all wars and that is the Kingdom of God at war with the kingdom of darkness. I say this because I believed it before I heard it, I heard a Jewish Rabbi say,’There is no place called Gog, but what Gog means is roof’, He went on to say that the battle is, ‘breaking through the roof’. It is a breaking through the roof of the natural realm into the supernatural where God dwells, then we shall see the power and Glory of God, that all the nations will see. Keep speaking the word, true light penetrates darkness. No matter what other smokescreens arise the battle is light against darkness. It is not God’s will for man to destroy each other but rather to save man from himself. There is a lot of fear being spread around, to break through to see what God is doing, you will see this is a time of great victory for the Kingdom of God is about to manifest on earth as a mighty Kingdom and undefeatable force.


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