Jesus was God in the flesh

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Jesus was God in the flesh, He was the Word of God made flesh, He was from everlasting to everlasting, He is & was the Great I AM come and dwelt among men. He was sinless, there was no condemnation of death upon Him, yet He submitted to death, the most cruel and humiliating death. All of hell was let loose in Him, satan had his will with Him, He did it for each one of us, the punishment of the world was upon Him, He died so that we could be reconciled back to God, He died for our forgiveness, He died with our curse upon Him so that we could have His blessing upon us. What separated us from the fullness of God’s grace and love and care has been destroyed because of the cross, if it wasn’t for the cross we all would be destroyed. Satan doesn’t want you to know this he will lie to you and tell it is not true. The promise is for heaven to be on earth as it is in heaven, the death of Jesus has made this possible. The punishment of the whole world was upon Jesus, your punishment was upon Jesus. Believe and receive what He did. The mind and thinking of man stops the fullness of God having it’s full expression in you, but Jesus died for this too, and He will draw you and draw you to fullness. This is what He is doing and He will do this perfectly. Trust in Him is the key, is redemption is at work in you. Confess Him before men and watch Him accelerate His work in you.

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