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The last days

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The last days, when it comes for me to think about days I don’t think them as 24 day periods but rather to look at it from God’s point of view, which is, a day with the Lord is a thousand years. We have 7 days to count from the example of creation, that is 7 lots of 1000 year periods, the 4th came to an end with the resurrection of Jesus though it is probably debatable when that 4th day ended and the 5th day started with the events of Jesus walking the earth His death and resurrection the outpouring of the Spirit and the destruction of the temple where all significant factors of the transition of the 4th day to the 5th day.

Now the 4th day is the middle day of the week, so the 5th day is the first day of the last days, Peter confirmed this when he said on the day of Pentecost, ‘in the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh’. So it has been two full days since that moment, which bring us to another transitional moment, where the 6th day runs into the 7th day. We understand that the 7th day God has made it as the most important day, He called it the Sabbath, God calls it His day and it is a day of rest. God said to Moses that the Sabbath will be a sign forever. So when scripture speaks of the last day it is speaking of the 7th day, there is a transitional time from this 6th day to the 7th day, which is called an hour, if you look hour is mentioned often in this context. It is a transition from one age to the other, the Sabbath is an age. The birth pains that are going on are part of this transition. So my belief is that we are in this hour of transition, and all that needs to happen to bring us into the new age has begun. The time of the end is the hour of transition, it is also the beginning of the new, He says ‘behold I make all things new’.

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