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Wisdom from God equals power

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I always look to Jesus or the Old Testament for confirmation for true teaching. Simply the apostles never had authority to go beyond what was already written, I say this because there needs to be found a unity between the Old and the New to find what God is saying in the now. Jesus was the example in this if you look hard, the teachings of Jesus came from what was written. The OT explains the NT and the NT explains OT, I do wonder if the 2 real witnesses are the OT and The NT, and power comes when they agree.

I believe the key to the whole thing is with the refiners fire and the fullers soap, when John came baptising it was with water, the restoration of all things comes by the baptism of the refiners fire and fullers soap. The fullers soap has to be a type of the blood of Jesus. But rather it being an instant thing, it is more of a process. The wisdom of man does not produce the righteousness of God, on the other hand proof of the wisdom of God is the power of God, though the wisdom of God can be hidden behind our blindness, but the fruit of the wisdom of God will come forth and rule over that which is false.

When is comes to the blink of an eye, whose eye is it talking about? Is it the human eye or is it God’s eye, remember God does things in His time and not our time, a blink of an eye in God’s time could be months or years. It could also depend on how much we press in to seek God.

And when it comes to every eye shall see Him, there are different references some saying every eye shall see and the glory of God will appear and all flesh will see it. But I ask this question, which eye are we talking about? Is it our physical eyes or our spiritual eyes? When our spiritual eyes see, that is when healing and salvation comes, that is when the power of God becomes active. My understanding, the process of the refiners fire works through our weaknesses and when we reach out to God He turns it around by His word, His Spirit and the Blood. We have been given a picture of the completed process with the transfiguration of Jesus, it says His clothes became whiter than any fuller could whiten them. Christ is in us who believe, the same Christ that was on the mountain that was transfigured. Keep in mind the good news is for those that believe and trust is also involved, and I believe if we are going to see Moses and Elijah and Enoch it will be via this process, not them appearing in the flesh. Matthew 17.

Hebrew 9:27 seems to imply death is a certainty, but Jesus said in John 8:51 that if you obey or keep His word you will not see death, and Isaiah 25:7,8 says on this mountain death will be destroyed forever. I am of the persuasion that death is an enemy and it is not something that we are bound to submit to. If Jesus died once for all, isn’t death already dealt with. He said it is finished, the reason Jesus was resurrected is because He defeated death by His death. It does raise the question, is God bound to submit to Hebrews 9:27? In Jesus earthly ministry He acted like death was something that bowed the knee to Him not Him to death.

In Isaiah 25:7,8 The ability to see comes before death is destroyed, comes before all tears are wiped away from faces. To see and to hear of the wisdom of God is the key to the breath of God that makes complete salvation active.

There is a culture developed in Christianity of finding one scripture to prove another scripture or to prove what they want to believe to be correct, but the real proof of wisdom is the power of God, and not so much of signs and wonders but the power that exists in God to brings all things to subjection to Himself. Having knowledge of scripture is not enough, if fact if you only have knowledge without eyes and ears hearing the wisdom of God that brings regenerative power that is restorative power you will be leading people astray unknowingly.


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