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Some more on the Eternal Gospel

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(I wrote this on a facebook site and thought it good to put up here.)

The number 8 is a study the Father gave me to do over the last few years, I believe it is something that says much, thanks for opening this up, let me share some things that I have found. 8 laying down as in a resting position is the symbol of infinity. Enoch wrote about the eight day, saying, ‘the end of days the end of counting of days.’ In other words what the 8th day represents is ‘eternal life’. Eternal life is not some day one day, Eternal life is now. God told me that ‘all God’s children live in the 8th day, but no one has walked in it in fullness yet.’ There is I believe to be some sort of a quickening that will enable believers to begin to walk in this fullness. Here is an interesting observation, God made a covenant with Abraham, and called it circumcision, and commanded it to be done on the 8th day, representing separation of flesh from spirit. Jesus said the commandment of God is Eternal life. In revelation there is a picture of an angel, being lifted up from the earth preaching the eternal gospel to all the nations. I can’t prove to you anything that I’ve written here but if you were to meditate on this and seek God for understanding, the opening of your eyes will take you there. Fullness is the fruit of the Eternal gospel, and an angel may just be a messenger that could be you or me.
I just read in from the writings of Enoch that there will not be another day created after the 8th day. The 8th day should not be considered a calendar day, but a now realization. Many prophesy with their calendar in hand, if you do you can’t but conflict with the 8th day truth and I have noticed even prophets of the highest calibre still have calendar in hand, some are given to calendars while others are really truth seekers. The kingdom of God is within the believer and we will always have sowing and reaping of the word of God in our lives, going from glory to glory is an eternal thing. We should get out of our thinking some day one day, and sow the word of God into our lives so that the fruit of eternal life will manifest. The promise is heaven on earth, and the promise is now, when you have come to belief. God is not holding anything back, it is our belief that holds the things of heaven back and that is where the sowing and reaping comes in, the renewing of the mind, to think in alignment with God’s thoughts, when we have agreement with heaven on earth we have manifestation of heaven on earth.
In Isaiah 40 it is giving us a description of the process of aligning our believing with God’s believing and the fruit of it says,                                                   4Every valley shall be lifted up,
and every mountain and hill be made low;
the uneven ground shall become level,
and the rough places a plain.
5And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed,
and all flesh shall see it together,
for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.                                                         The whole challenge for us Kingdom subjects is for us to be delivered from the natural realm to live in the Glory realm. The natural realm is where things go wrong and the the Glory realm is where things go right, the Glory realm is where the blessing of God is and this is the place of life more abundant, to live in the fullness is eternal life and the promise is that we should abide in eternal life not to have the occasional visitation but an abiding visitation. Abiding visitation, abiding blessing, abiding life more abundant, this is the eternal gospel, gospel means good news. Heaven on earth is an abiding promise. Eternal life is now to be any other time would be a contradiction.    Hope this helps it doesn’t matter how low ones circumstances are the promise remains, and is there for us to walk into, and this is where God is taking us, the bad things will fall off like grave clothes, though they scream and yell at us, they will fall off, and it is the word of God that shall remain.


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