What is the Latter Rain?

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Here are some scriptures Mark 13:26 Matthew 16:27, Matt 24:30, Matt 25:31, Jesus said the son of man will come in the glory of the Father, in great glory and great power. Throughout scripture glory is described as clouds or a cloud. The foundation of the mentioned strong delusion in the bible may well be the expectation of seeing Jesus with the natural eye – this is the sin of sensuality, it is like saying I won’t believe it unless I see it first. Jesus said when the son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?   Most bible believers have an expectation of a latter rain type of end time revival, this latter rain is highly likely far more than what opinion might think it to be. In fact opinion will be an enemy that God will destroy at His coming. If we expect rain, where does rain come from? It comes from clouds. Jesus doesn’t have to appear physically to perform His word because He is spirit, His communion with us is spirit to spirit. Faith doesn’t rely on what is seen, but rather on what God says. The regeneration when He makes all things new will happen by His word, through those that believe His word. When God reveals something He is working in the NOW, otherwise it is just opinion.


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