What is the real rapture ?

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Jesus used the word harpazo in Matthew 11:12 which is the Greek word failed christianity use for rapture. The way Jesus explains it is not leaving the planet but rather a pressing into to lay hold of to sieze it. He used it to describe the ministry of John the Baptist and Himself. This rapture that many predict is not God removing His people from the earth, it is the greatest revival and restoration that has been seen on the planet, if your seeking God for something that is just not His will you will be dissapointed, press into God press into His presence, be part of the answer. God’s will is for Him to come and make His home in you, not you to go home to somewhere else. Your answer is not to go home, it is come home. A believer is one that believes that God’s word is true now, not one that is waiting for something to happen tomorrow.


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