To who so ever

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God told Jonah there was going to be a great destruction judgement day had arrived on a certain city. And it turned out God displayed a great mercy. And this made Jonah mad, he was very mad that God didn’t destroy them. So what with our generation, there seems to be a great expectation that God is going to destroy the earth, so what if there is a great restoration and great harvest and God’s wrath is overtaken by God’s mercy. Will you be mad at God for showing mercy, will you be prepared to serve God in ministering the gospel of reconciliation and restoration, will you be prepared to administer the fresh oil or will you be mad and unprepared. The elder brother of the prodigal saw the favour bestowed on his younger brother and he got mad and missed out on the great feast, don’t get mad. The elder brother should have been watching with his father, then he would have been involved in the celebrations but instead he was hoping for judgement to come on him. The Father’s response to the elder son was, you could have had the fatted calf any time you wished, it was yours.

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