The Meek will inherit

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The enemy loves the rapture doctrine as in leaving the earth because he knows it is an admission of defeat. Jesus said the meek will inherit the earth, not many believe what Jesus says these days. Jesus did preach the rapture Matthew 11:12 ‘violent take it by force’
The word ‘take’ is harpazo the Greek word that is interpreted rapture. Jesus used it in a description of an advancing Kingdom the effect of powerful men of God preaching the gospel such as John the Baptist and Himself. But modern Christianity has turn this word around as to one of retreat and defeat and call it the blessed hope. In Old Testament days when Israel went into battle, if the Glory had departed from them they would flee in battle and be defeated, when the Glory was with them they would have a great victory, when the Glory was with them, all the other nations would be in terror of them, they were rulers of the world. We are now in a better covenant, even better than when John the Baptist and Jesus were preaching because we are this side of the cross. Be careful of what you listen to and preach you might find yourself amongst the naysayers. My bible says the Glory of God will fill the whole earth as in Ezekiel 43:2 and Habakkuk 2:14. We hear of a shift in the spirit going on, if your believing is unchanged how will you partake of the benefit of the shift.

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