Think about Dominion

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The religious minded, the earthly minded think Jesus is coming back to take you away. On the contrary Jesus’ coming back will set in motion the process of what is the revealing of the son’s of God. It is what the statement come up here is all about.

The religious and earthly minded have formed a doctrine of being taken from the earth – because they don’t believe the word of God, they have little understanding of what the cross has availed for them personally. They have a form of religion that denies the power. It is false to believe that you need to be taken from the earth to enter the fullness.

The truth is ‘the fullness is in the now’ and it doesn’t matter where you are. The mind needs to renewed with truth, and we need to reject the lies. The religious mind makes up excuses why the word of God fails, but the meek will find out what God thinks and think accordingly. God is restoring back the dominion that was stolen. Cutting tail and running is not dominion. Come up higher in your thinking and believing and enter into your inheritance – this is the revival and the awakening, apply the word of God and Stand.


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