The Last Day

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The Sabbath is the last day of the week, God said to Moses it would be a sign to all. Six day you shall labor, the seventh day you shall rest. We are looking at the big picture here. God has made a timetable or calendar, one day in His book is one thousand in ours, we have enter the last day, Here is a Torah Calendar.

Jesus spoke often of the last day, in many bible translations it has been interpreted as last days in many verses, though it’s not a completely inaccurate way to interpret it, it is weaker to say days rather than day.

To take this a step further and beyond, eternal life which is also known as the eight day is the place that God wants us to be. For us to know the fulness of what is meant by the Sabbath we need to be resting in the existence of eternity where God is, it is be not bound by time. There is a place of abiding where He is drinking His cup now.

Allow God thoughts to become your thoughts, this will bring you to the new place.



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